An Expressionistic Painter and Photographer

Chris Eaton: Artist, Photographer captures images and creates expressionistic paintings not for the sake of competition but for his own happiness. He has been in the industry for more than 20 years.

Chris Eaton (1)

Dedicated to Meeting Your Needs

When creating a painting for you or providing you with photography services, Chris aims to deliver satisfactory results. As such, he works tirelessly to provide you with unique and remarkable images.

Capturing Awe-Inspiring Images

Chris creates unbelievably beautiful, clean art. He puts to work his expertise in photography and painting to provide you with images that exceed your expectations.

Chris Eaton (4)

Artistic Beliefs

He believes that painting is more than just the image you are trying to portray. Instead, it is the expression, movement, and dynamism of nature.

Chris Eaton (5)

Reach Out to Him

Chris Eaton: Artist, Photographer provides you with expressionistic paintings as well as photography services that put a premium on honesty. When discussing your needs, he will ensure that good rapport is established between you and him. For more information, contact Chris today.